Jony Kan

This shouldn’t be the way life unfolds…
Friends should never have to say farewell to each other at this early stage of their lives.
Brothers and Sisters should never be separated from each other when they are still searching for their place in this world.
And Parents should never have to bury their children.
We shouldn’t be here right now… we should all be at a mall or together at a BBQ.
We should not be crying, but laughing about all the times we had together
That is what Stephanie enjoyed the most.
Stephanie was a person that dreamed and set large goals.
Stephanie lived her life large… wanting something and expending her energy to turn those dreams into doable plans and then acting on them.  She worked extremely hard to achieve those goals.
Stephanie always had plans… plans to watch the U.S. Open in New York and going to China
Stephanie was not a genius or about being the smartest one.
Stephanie was a person who knew her strengths. 
She knew what her gifts were… an awesome human being that
Would sit and listen to you,
Would share her time with you,
Make room for you,
Would call you and find out how you are doing and what you are up to.
Stephanie was there when you asked and needed… or even when you didn’t need her.
Some of you who visited her may have noticed that she had a little notebook in her hospital room where she meticulously tracked who called her and who visited her.  She asked that we write down the caller and visitor in case she was too tired or sedated to answer the calls or missed your visit.  She had planned on calling you or visiting you and sharing with you her experience and battle and to thank you, after her treatment was over.  She wasn’t going to let your kind actions go by unnoticed.  That was how Stephanie lived and that is who she was.
From how she lived, I feel that if Stephanie was able to tell you something today, based on her life experiences and how she lived it… She probably would ask you this:
D you have a dream?  Are you dreaming?
If you are not then start dreaming…
If you do have a dream, then act on it and turn your dream into a life long goal, so long as you are taking a step forward.  That is what she did.
Remember Stephanie’s Smile
Remember her voice
Remember that she loved being a meaningful person in your life, as you were in her life.

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