Rita Kan

A Tribute to Stephanie

There is a myth that “Babies will cry themselves to sleep”. Don’t believe it; it’s so not true. Babies will cry and cry and cry and cry for hours. When Ann let Baby Chin Ping out of her sight for the very very first time, baby Chin Ping lost her voice crying for Ann. At 2 months old, Stephanie already had more energy than me. She wanted Ann and there was no consoling her. She kept on crying until Ann came home to hold her again. This was my first intense and memorable experience with Stephanie.

Eventually, as we all know, Stephanie discovered the world beyond Ann and charmed the world. Steph embraced us as if we each were the only ones that truly mattered. Steph accepted us as we are and loved each of us as if we each truly deserved it. Then, she had energy left over to party without guilt and appreciate the sun and the beach with abandon.

We shouldn’t be here today. Life is so wrong to rob us of such brilliance and so much goodness. Yet, Steph’s immense kindness has given us wings to soar above Life’s wrong. Inspiring us to appreciate what really matters.

Aunt Rita

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