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  1. A dozen years gone – thinking of you today, Steph, on this sad anniversary. Love, Uncle Jordan

  2. Hi Stephanie, my mom (Rose) is not electronically or technically saavy so I am posting a message for her. She said that she always remembers your cheerfulness and energy and she wanted you to know she was thinking about you. Have a nice thanksgiving in Heaven and a Happy Birthday too. My mom thinks you are out traveling a new adventure in the different island heavens. -Stephanie Jung

  3. Hey Steph –
    Just casually writing in your thought book at 2:30 in the morning HI time… I’m up writing my final paper for english. It’s supposed to be an argumentative essay on how to live life. We’re supposed to make people see our point of view and give reasons why you think that this is the right way, etc. So naturally, I’m not telling people in my class how to live life the way that I see it, but the way that you see it. You still never cease to amaze me on how you had SO much love for everything and everyone, and how much passion you had for the things that you cared for. Wish you were here so we could have a vent sesh about college (I’m sure you know how it is). Miss you and love you bunches!

    Aloha nui loa! xx

  4. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Stephanie : Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! We missed YOU so Much ! Mom & Dad

  5. Nicole Vranesh said:

    Chianger; I am still learning from you.

  6. Auntie Rita said:

    life ? stolen away love & joy ? you gave so much memories ? all too precious thoughts ? each and every day loss ? unrelenting and keenly felt pain ? will always remain time ? changes not how much it hurts words ? none could ever express promises ? there will be more tears to cry 8-0

  7. On behalf of the Tai Family, Stephanie (as well as the entire Chiang clan) has always been a part of our family. May we take a moment to honor her life and how much she touched all of us, whether it was in a big or little way. Much Love to the family.8-0

  8. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Steph : Another year gone by, we think about you all the time. We missed you so much ! Mom & Dad

  9. Hi Steph! I’m sorry we never got the chance to spend more time together. I still treasure all the memories of our families getting together for superbowls when we were kids! And the one great day we had when you were up in SF visiting. Even though we weren’t able to catch up much after that, you always remembered my birthday! I was lucky to have had the time with you. Hope you’re having a party up there with my sis Carolyn. 🙂 XOXO

  10. Hi Steph, Can’t believe it will be 4 years come Wednesday… I can’t tell you how much I miss you and how much you inspire me everyday in everything that I do… I visited with Keri, Kevin, Jordan and Jada a couple of weeks ago in Park City while I was in SLC for a trade show… it was awesome seeing them again and I will do better staying in touch with them now… A couple of days ago an old friend of mine mistook the pic of you on the beach in that pretty dress as being me and telling me how gorgeous I looked… that was by far the best complement I could ever or have ever received. 😀 Gosh I can’t express how much I wish you were still here for me to bounce ideas off of, laugh with and cry with… But you are still with me everyday in my heart and in my mind… I LOVE YOU FOREVER SIS… 8-0

  11. Ashley Milhaud said:

    Hi Steph, I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. I can’t believe we’re approaching another year without you. I miss you. There are so many things I wish you were here for… you always brought so much joy into my life and I am blessed to have had such a wonderful sister. I just want you to know how much you are loved and missed. You will always have a piece of my heart. I love you.

  12. stephanie i always think of you on this day…. it was 4th of july that i last saw you…we watched the fireworks from your hospital bed… love you forever sweety!

  13. Hi Big Sis! Just wanted to say I’m always thinking about you and love you so much. Miss you like you wouldn’t believe… 8-0 lil’ sis

  14. Michal & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Stephanie : Happy Holidays ! Michael & Ann

  15. 8-0 3yrs of not hearing voice and seeing your face,and the US Open is here again. I miss you so much and keep smiling on me. We were doing some quietly planning doing this time Peace and happiness be with you. Love you much…

  16. miss you steph!!!and love you!!!! its almost us open time.. xoxo!! tara

  17. 3 years ago today, we lost one of our dearest friends. You are missed terribly, and never forgotten! We love you!! xoxo

  18. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Daughter : Mom & Dad missed you so much ! Mom & Dad

  19. Jenn Chiang said:

    Hi Sis! 😀 I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve heard your voice or your laugh, felt your hug or seen you smile. I miss you so so much and think of you all the time. Wish you could be here to see all that’s been going on. I’m trying to make you, and mom and dad and Mark and the rest of the family proud… Hope I’m doing ok… Miss you so much and love you more 8-0 Jenn PS: thanks to everyone who keeps my sister in their hearts, it means the world… keep in touch

  20. Shawna Meek said:

    Steph — This week is a hard one again! I still miss picking up the phone & talking to you, I still miss seeing you, I still miss the times we would stay up late chatting … but always know I think of you and talk about you. Just tonight I was talking about you at a 3 year old birthday party (fun memories!) I love you & look forward to the day we can see each other again!!! XOXO, Shawna

  21. Stephanie, Can’t believe you’ve been gone almost three years. We miss you so so much. 8-0 The Kans

  22. Stephanie – you made a difference. I only wish you were able to see all that came from our first encounter. You are not forgotten. Hether

  23. Missing you so much! xoxo KKJJ

  24. i was thinking about you today…its warm out in houston..its a day that you would be at memorial park. xoxo!!!! tara

  25. Veronica Albor said:

    Stephanie I worked with you @ Ingram Micro and I am just finding out what happened…..You were a Great person…and I am so Happy I got to know you. Love Veronica

  26. Stephanie, It really saddened me to hear about your passing, especially several years after the fact. However, I’m glad you are in a better place with the Lord. I recently met one of your volleyball buddies, Dave Song, who also went to Irvine High, and he told me what happened. I remember the last time I saw you, randomly bumping into you at A&J in Irvine. It was probably in 2003 or 2004. You seemed as good as ever and not much different from when I first met you in the 2nd grade – bright, energetic, full of life, friendly. Though we eventually fell into different groups as we grew up, you never seemed to change much from that. (That’s a good thing.) You did well in whatever you tried and I remember being particularly impressed that you were so successful on the volleyball court. I was also Mark’s tennis partner for three years, so my thoughts and warm wishes go out to him, your parents, and your family as we come up to Chinese New Year. Happy New Year and God Bless. Kenny

  27. was thinking about you and missing you…love you so much stephanie!! tara

  28. Dear Staephanie, Happy Holiday’s from Kyle, Barbara and Rhonda. We miss you so much.

  29. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Stephanie : Happy Holidays ! Mom & Dad

  30. Jennifer Moorhouse said:

    Our paths did not cross in high school, but after reading all of the wonderful comments and stories people had to say about you, I wish our paths had crossed. My favorite was what you said to the lady on the plane. I do that stuff all of the time, but I won’t feel bad about it anymore, it was part of your charm and now I know it’s mine too. My heart and prayers go out for your family. My mom passed away from the same type of cancer twelve years ago, God tends to pick the best angels….God Bless you Steph, I didn’t really know you, but I will never forget you. Jennifer Moorhouse

  31. We miss you each and every day. Just wanted to let you know you how much we love you! xo KKJJ

  32. Judi Burns (Gallaher) said:

    Stephanie, I have tried for years, unsuccessfully, to find you, to tell you how much it meant to me that you were always cool to me in high school. I always had a lot of respect for you and have thought about you over the years. I found out about you today and I have to say that I’m so deeply saddened upon hearing about your passing and how I never got to tell you how much it meant to me to know you, however short. May you rest in peace.

  33. Kyla Peet Kichline said:

    I am so sad to hear about the passing of our fellow 1990 alum. I saw Stephanie years ago when I was pregnant at my husband’s Christmas party for Cisco Systems. I never knew her very well, but in the breif time we spent together, I can see why she was so loved. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to her friends and family.

  34. Robanne Robin said:

    Today I found out about your death. I am floored. I have not been in touch with old friends from high school on a regular basis, and don’t see any of them since I live in the midwest. Although we weren’t real close, I saw you a lot and remember watching you play volleyball. I always admired your ability to do so much, so well. The last time I saw you was in 2000 at our 10-year reunion. I believe your leg was in a cast! Your life seemed so full of everything anyone could wish for. I am just saddened that you are gone and my prayers go out to all of your family and friends that undoubtedly miss you. Robanne (Elliott) Robin

  35. Kimberly Bui said:

    Hi Steph, I just got back from New York and was there for the US Open. I thought about you and how we went to the US Open just a few years ago. I really miss you….. Kim

  36. hi steph! i miss you so much… today i was thinking about you… well everyday i think about you, but today i was remembering your birthday party bbq in the backyard and the mudslides and the keg of gordon beirch blonde, and then the time you got your toes done and the french mani was a little bit cockeyed, and i remember how you taught me to always tuck my beach towel into the car seat so it wouldn’t get wet, and all the times we’d be silly together… and all the times in the last two years when id wish you were still here so i could call you… i miss you so much and i love you even more… so much love to you sis 😀

  37. Shawna Meek said:

    Today is the day two years ago that you left us to join our wonderful God in heaven! What a great gift you were to all of us on earth and I can’t wait to see you again! We miss you so much and think of you all the time! Big huge hugs!!!! – Kevin, Shawna, Connor, Tyler & Katelyn Meek

  38. This morning before Jordan’s first day of 1st grade, she, out of the blue, said “Asio is with me in my heart, right mommy?” It is so clear that you are with us so much of the time. We love you and miss you! xo kkjj

  39. Dearest Auntie Asio, We can’t believe that tomorrow will be 2 years since you’ve passed on to bigger and better things. We miss you each and every day. The girls miss their Auntie Asio, and we miss one of dearest friends ever!! Jordan is starting 1st Grade tomorrow, can you believe it? Jada will be in pre-school 2 days/ week. We know you are with us. Just know we are thinking of you, missing you, and loving you! xoxo kkjj

  40. ;-)I was in moment today and want you to know I deeply miss your voice. I was in LA with Don and your name came up before we decided not to play tennis. I miss our friendship very much.

  41. noah and theresa wellikson said:

    It has taken too long for me to write these thoughts out. It had been too long since I had seen Stephanie. I grew up on the same street as Stephanie and her family. There were a lot of older kids and many role models for me to follow. Stephanie was one of the excellent ones!! She had confidence, beauty, patience, and care very early on. She was a leader among very strong competition and always had the biggest smile. Her laughter, her wide assortment of skills and talents, her family, and her strength will always be a part of my life and the stories that I pass on to my children, when I talk about the greats who walked on Balsa St. I am happy to see how much everyone has captured the love that Stephanie had for people in so many communities. She advanced in her life farther than most of her peers and I am proud to have been a friend of her and her family.

  42. Melana L Dalby said:

    Just returned from Paris and lit a candle for you and my brother-in-law in the Sacre-Coeur. I felt close to you and wanted to let you know that I always think about you. Thanks for sharing your friendship with me and allowing me to be a part of your life. Miss you much. Melana

  43. tara rowntree said:

    steph… i was thinking about you so much this weekend….i was remembering how we spent the 4th of july together in your hospital watching the fireworks on tv and walking around your floor….just talking..joking..gossiping..what we always did…. everytime i see a firework i always remember your amazing energy and smile…. i will never understand why god took you so fast and young…but i will have to learn he must have had a very good reason.. steph you are missed so much! i love you…. tara

  44. Christina Ling said:

    I have been thinking about you alot lately. I miss you so much. We made Mark the godfather to our son Christopher, he’s 14 months old already and adores his uncle Mark. If only I could talk to you about the strange things that are going on right now…I wonder what your thoughts would be. I really miss you…

  45. HI Steph, Just thinking about you and was pleased to see your smiling face on this website. I miss you. I still feel like you are here.. You will always be an inspiration to everyone that knew you and those that you met in passing. Much love Sue

  46. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Stephanie : Happy Birthday ! Many of your friends called and they all said that they were thinking of you. Happy 36 ! Mom & Dad

  47. Michael & Ann Chiang said:

    Dear Stephanie : Happy Birthday ! Many of your friends called and they all still think about you. With Love ! Mom & Dad

  48. Auntie Rita said:

    See! the dawn leaps up from the ridge of the peak Spirit of my dreams, Come to awaken me in my sleep That I may think it is really you again in the flesh. It is my dear one, perhaps, who thus returns to me. As the sun declines, and stands yonder in the west While the tide falls slack, and leaves bare the headwaters. Who can say that this is, indeed, the day of death So suddenly have you withdrawn and have not chosen to linger Only weariness remains with me: my bones ache in the long days of summer. Here am I left alone to weep in the world Let me remain here, my friends, alone in my sorrow Thou art gone from me, my treasure. Farewell exert from “SONGS OF THE MAORI”

  49. steph… i have felt you around me so much lately i know its because it was this week 2 yrs ago.. that you and i started calling you my california flake because you kept flaking on our dinner dates shopping dates walking times…and no idea why and you kept saying i promise im not usually sooo flaky…and then it was just a few days from now that you thought hmmm this earaches getting worse..i hate hate this time of year but i never feel you stronger in my heart and mind … i miss you steph and love you so much… hands down you where the strongest and most thoughtful person i have met in my life….you set the bar high sweetheart. tara

  50. Heidi Needleman said:

    Hey Steph, So Sex and The City the movie comes out on 5/30/08, yes can you believe , the day before your birthday. I just don’t know how I am going to see this without you. Who is going to chat with me through the movie? I miss you! I will email you next week and let you know all about the fabulous clothes, shoes and purses. Love, Heidi

  51. kyle thomas said:

    8-0 Missing you and some funny things you would say to me when I am feeling overwhelmed. Peace be with you forever.

  52. Had a big family dinner tonight and we were talking about you, sharing some fun memories. We miss you each and every day. Love you, KKJJ xo

  53. Hey Steph, I know it has been a while but, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, and last but not least Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!! We went to New York over winter vacation during the Happy New Year celebration. We stayed at Mark’s apartment and me and Val stayed in the loft upstairs. It was fun! I wish I can tell you all about it but I can’t. Love Ya XOXOXOXOXOXOXO, KelsKan

  54. Hey Steph, Its been awhile. Hope you are having fun on your cloud today! Guess what, I found out I am pregant, yes sirreee thats #2. No one knows yet, and its still pretty early (unless they read this:-|) but I wanted you to know. Lots of Love, Jill, Jarod, Gavin & ?

  55. 8-0 Happy New Year, was thinking about you today and went to the site, miss you warm spirit.

  56. hi sis! guess what?! i did it, i graduated! 😀 yay! i can see you smiling at meeeee. love you so much and miss you everyday. 8-0 -jenn

  57. Hi Steph, I was thinking about you today. My son is 1 year old now and I would have liked him to have met you! I am sure you are having fun floating around up there on a cloud. Lots of Love, Jill, Jarod & Gavin

  58. Tiffany Jestadt-Rodriguez said:

    Hi Steph, I know you are up in heaven but I just wanted to say hello. I miss you and think of you often!! My whole family adored you and we are so sad we cannot see you anymore. We look forward to the day we meet again in heaven. Shine your beautiful smile down on us please!!! Lots of Love, Tiff

  59. Hey Steph, I wrote an essay about you because I thought you are very important to me in many ways……. I Love You, Kels

  60. hi steph…. uncle jony sent this out and i couldnt help but think of you while i died laughing… its sooo funny – picturesque of everytime we got out nails done at happy nails… 😀

  61. Bobbie Garcia said:

    Hi Stephanie, I just went to get something to eat and met up with your mom. It had beem a long time since I’d seen her. I asked “how are your girls?”. She told me you were gone. My heart aches for your mom…She loves and misses you soo much. I told her to look for a happy sign from you, so you better give her one. God bless you in heaven.

  62. tara rowntree said:

    stef! i miss you so much.this week has been so hard. i have been at methodist hospital…taking the same entrance that i took when i would see you…each day thinking of your face and walking your floor with you…laughing about ohh great another charity we are going to have to raise money for….haha my dad just had his prostate removed.. the entire time i stayed with him i thought of you i felt you in the building…i miss you so much.. i have your picture up at the store and people ask about you all time…. love tara

  63. 8-0 Missing you so much this morning.Many days of planning with you are on mind.Sorry I have not been able to let them go. Great love

  64. Auntie Rita said:

    Hi Steph, Its the end of Aug; New York; and Yes, the US Open gets going this week, and I think of you. Imaging your facebook entries… hey, want to start one? you be everybody’s Top Friend for sure…8-0

  65. Dean Palermo said:

    Hi Steph and everybody else, always thinking about you Steph. 8-0

  66. Christina & Christopher said:

    Steph – I still can’t stop thinking of you. One of my biggest regrets is not telling you that I was pregnant. I was only a few weeks and I wanted to wait, but now I wish that I had told you. We have a golden piglet, Christopher. He’s amazing, he’s changed my life. You would have been an amazing aunt, I wish he could have met you, we’ll tell him all about you when he is older. Mark is going to be his “Gan Deih!” I miss you every day…

  67. Auntie Rita said:

    What do you live and die for? When the wings of hope finds you at the dark side of the moon … Where lost is eternal and you are faced with your worst fear? Do not despair, let the memories that bind us give you the strength to journey on…

  68. 8-0 Beautiful memories of loving person, I am thinking about and US open is here and you will be there with me in spirit.I know God is smiling with you

  69. hello hello hello dear sister. cant tell you how much i miss ya always. i made a fabulous birthday card for you (sharpie drawings of course) that i never got around to sending down to mom and dad to give to you… i know youre mad at me for that and im so sorry and i promise to get it to you asap. im in boston right now, getting things set for going back to school this fall… i know you wanted me to finish so i am. anyways, thought id say hi cuz i was thinkin of you. much love always. -sis ps – i still rock your white chanel sunglasses. hehe. sooooo rockstar. extra rockstar! 😀

  70. Just having one of those days… I want to pick up the phone and call you, or get on a plane and see you. Missing you so much! xo Love you- KKJJ

  71. Kyle Thomas said:

    🙂 French Open Nadel beat Ferder again, I was thinking about how we would watch the match together and commentate the match over the phone while I was away.Sometimes it was better than being there. Miss you and love you.

  72. :-)Steph, I think of you so often. Spiegel and I went to Paris and I swear you were there with us! Shopping with us. We even took a picture in front of Louis Vuitton, just for YOU! Last week on your birthday, I was sitting at my desk at home and out of the blue, your Tyco business card appeared out of the blue. I know that it was my friend Steph, making her presence from above known, making sure I didn’t forget what day it was. I know that you are with me in good times and bad, helping me through those rough times. Smiling with me through those good times. I miss you!!! 8-0 Heidi

  73. I thought about you all day today … Happy Birthday!!! This day will always be special to me. I miss you and look forward to catching up on a lot of missed birthdays together some day in heaven 🙂 Big hugs headin’ north … Love, Shawna (and Kevin, Connor, Tyler & Katelyn too)

  74. Steph, I’m sure you already know, but I am thinking about you allot today. We had talked about a Vegas trip and for some reason it feels like we would be in Vegas right now. Miss you more than words can explain Marc

  75. Kyle Thomas said:

    Hi Stephanie, I was going through our top 10 list again today and couldn’t help but think why I miss you so much.Today is very hard for me and I can’t get you out of my mind.You were preparing to go to Costa Rica this month, while I return back to Africa, I am still feeling so much pain and hurt and wanting to let go, but you touch me so much with your calm spirit, I keep holding on to our Love.I pray for us to meet and finish our life together. Love you and miss you.8-0

  76. Hi Steph, I just came across one of your old emails and I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you….but then you probably already knew that. Becky

  77. Jill & Jarod & Gavin Ikeda said:

    Dear Steph, I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing up there in Heaven? I begin to think about how stange life really is. As one life ends another one begins. Our son Gavin was born Oct. 30th 2006, I wish you could have met him. Can you see us up there from your cloud? Love Jill, Jarod & Baby Gavin 8-0

  78. Dearest Asio- Jordan, Jada, Kev, and I just walked in the door after being in Houston for a few days. We went to visit Fritz, Lauri, and the boys. It was a difficult trip to make because last time I was there was to be with you in the hospital. We made it a point to visit some of the places that you talked about in Houston. Memorial Park, The Galleria, and, of course, Chase’s Closet! I finally met Tara… it was great to meet her after hearing her name for so long!!:-) Tara has your beautiful picture up on the wall at the store. She and I shared stories about you for awhile, and you, of course, put smiles on our faces, just like you always do. Thank you my dear friend!! We miss you and love you! xo

  79. Hi Steph, i miss you so much. We did a lot of activities together annd you were my closest cousin that I ever had. We laughed a lot and made fun of each other……….:-) I am just glad that you celebrated my birthday with me before you went to a better place. I want to thank you for the present you gave me for my birthday. I love you steph! 8-08-08-08-0#-)

  80. Kyle Thomas said:

    I want to let you know I miss our long talks and laughter. Much love for you Stephanie. 8-0 PHP is up and running/Garki, Skip is a gem. Our relationship keep growing.I know you r laughing.Bye

  81. recently read a few of our old emails! i still wear the frank muller in your memory, miss you chica 😉

  82. Happy New year,they showed the celebration on the Nigerian DSTV Africa channel here. Miss you so much.

  83. Michael & Ann said:

    Dear Steph : The year of the Red Pig ! Gung Hay Fat Choy ! Mom & Dad

  84. hey steph. happy valentines day. miss you so much and hope you’re well. ive been writing lots of snail mail/cards/letters in your spirit 🙂 love you sooooo much. -sis

  85. Kyle Thomas said:

    Happy Valentimes Day, we would have great laughter about this day.20048-0:-U

  86. Michael & Ann said:

    Dear stephanie : Happy Valentine’s Day ! Mom & Dad

  87. Kyle Thomas said:

    Hi Stephanie, wanted to let you know you forget one of the events on our top ten list,Superbowl weekend,I flew home just to watch the superbowl and have Barbeque with friend and return on Monady. I gave Ryan play by play action over the phone. LOL, always thnking of you.8-0

  88. Kimberly Bui said:

    Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry it took me so long to write to you. It has taken me a really long time to come to terms with the realization that I will never be able to physically hug you or pick up the phone and talk to you again. I know you had a lot of best friends but for me, you were my best friend. I recently spoke to Keri and she urged me to visit your website. I was so afraid of visiting your website because I knew I would break down and cry and might not stop. It’s been so emotional for me as I know how difficult it’s been for your family and friends. I remember meeting you during your first week at Ingram Micro. We became inseparable after that. We took so many weekend trips to Vegas, skiing, and of course, shopping!! When I moved to Vegas, you were the first to come out and visit me. And then when I moved to San Diego, you were right there helping me move!!! I remember coming out to Houston to celebrate your new position at Tyco and congratulate you on the new condo. There are not enough words to express my sadness in losing my best friend. I don’t think that I will ever find another best friend like you. I know that you are in heaven checking in on us. I just want you to know that I miss you so much!! Kim

  89. hey there stephanie…. we have your picture at the store and the lovely thank you notes you wrote me from the hospital….everyone comes in and asks of you…ricca was with me today… she told me how you two use to hang out by the pool at the royalton… we miss you so much…. so many times i want to call you and ask you where should i eat and hear you telling me about your walk around memorial park…. xoxo! tara p.s. if anyone has written to me in the last few months i apoligize for not getting back to you it seems my email was sending all emails from addresses i had not ever writen too straight to my spam folder …so please resend we have fixed this mistake…. with all my love always….

  90. Steph, We thought of you the other day as we were eating the BBQ ribs you loved so much. Riley often prays for you, and he wishes that you were here with us. We all miss you. Love, Uncle Jony, Wai, Valerie, Kelsie & Riley

  91. Ray Chirayath said:

    I’m in a state of shock as I just came acorss this site. I was also Stephanie’s Manager – in fact the last one at Ingram Micro before she left to join Tyco. We worked together just briefly, but I will always remember her for her politely agressive nature and her passion for perfection and overachievement. My prayers are will all of you… Ray Chirayath Vice President BCM Business Cost Management

  92. Sonja Gehrung said:

    I offer my sincerest condolences to Stephanie’s family. I was shocked to hear of her death at such a young age. I remember her as a beautiful little girl who I used to read to. The memory of her remains with me. A young violin prodigy by the name of Emily Shehi reminds me of Stephanie whenever I see her. Your family is in my thoughts.

  93. Keri, Kev, Jordan & Jada said:

    Asio girl!! Happy New Year! We love you!

  94. The Chiang Family said:

    Dear Stephanie : Happy New Year ! Mom,Dad,Mark & Jenn

  95. hey chica. happy new year!!! xxoo 8-0

  96. Steve Ruley said:

    Hello Steph, I was thinking back to the New Year celebrations with family and friends. You were such a social butterfly and carefree spirit…your light is still shinning brighter than ever. Steve

  97. The Meek Family said:

    Dear Stephanie, Merry Christmas! We miss you. Have a special celebration today in heaven for all of us! Love, Kevin, Shawna, Connor & Tyler Meek

  98. The Chiang Family said:

    Dear Stephanie : Merry Christmas ! The whole family are celebrating with you ! Michael,Ann,Mark & Jennifer

  99. Stephanie Chiang said:


  100. Kyle Thomas said:

    Hi Stephanie, happy holiday’s to you, miss you alot, will celebrate the New Year in our favorite place with friends. Much love and God bless your Soul.

  101. Michael,Ann,Mark & Jennifer said:

    Dear Steph : Happy 100 Days Celebration ! Rest in Peace !

  102. Sylvio Augusto said:

    Hi Steph… I was reading emails and, as always, your so sweet words remember me how to choose the best way of living. Thank you…

  103. Tanya Milhaud said:

    Dearest Stephanie, I have really been missing you lately and just wanted to let you know how much I love you and wish that you were here to celebrate the holidays with us. You are an inspiration to everyone who knew you and your memory will live on in our hearts and minds forever! Je t’aime beaucoup! Your Caucasian Sister, Tanya

  104. The Chiang Family said:

    Steph, Happy Thanksgiving. We love you and miss you dearly. -Mom, Dad, Mark and Jenn

  105. Andrew Masset said:

    Dear Stephanie, First of all, you have the same name as my sister..coincidence? You will always be a part of me and my family. When you were born your father and mother were so happy and full of joy. You were such a cute baby and so full of smiles and cute beyond words. Please remember you will always be in our prayers and that when we meet again it will be another time of joy in that beautiful place called Heaven. Goe Bless and watch over all of us. Your almost uncle, Andrew

  106. 😦 Stephanie, you were very nice to us and I can never stop thinking about the times you have loved me and cared for me. We all miss you done here or up there ( Iam not sure if you are up or down.)

  107. Christopher (Chris) Jackson said:

    I met Stephanie when she first moved to Houston and she joined the Houston City Club to play tennis and I was fortunate to spend time on the tennis court with her as an instructor. She was not only a beautiful person but her energy for life matched her smile. The first time we met our connection was amazing and I have only these words. Stephanie has been in my prayers and thoughts for these past months and thank god I visited her at the hospital and also met her mum. We are all too busy these days to take time out to spend quality time with our loved ones and here is a perfect example. I only knew Stephanie for a very short time however she made an amazing impact on me. To all her family and close friends my prayers and deepest thoughts to you. Cheers. Chris Jackson. Houston, texas

  108. Dearest Asio, The other day, Jordan started crying out of the blue. I asked her why she was crying, and she said, “I really miss Asio!” We had the conversation about how Asio is with us, in our hearts all of the time. When we feel sad, we just put our hand over our hearts, and know Asio is there. Every night when I get the girls in bed, we say our prayers. At the end of the prayers, we say “God Bless…” Jordan starts off with “God Bless Asio” EVERY time. We know that God is blessing you, just as you are blessing us. Alway in our thoughts, and our prayers. We miss you and love you!! Keri, Kev, Jordan, and Jada xo

  109. hey sis… i miss you so much. i just wanted to say hello and i love you and most of all that i wish you were here so i could give you a big hug and kiss. much love… -sis

  110. Shawna Meek said:

    Tara, thank you for sharing that! I have been struggling to find the right words to say my farewell and tribute. I don’t know if this will ever be easy, so here it goes… Stephanie was truly a blessing in my life!!!! Not just the diamond earrings on my 16th birthday and those fabulous 2nd row seats for the Milli Vanilli concert for my 18th birthday (not to mention she ditched me when she jumped on stage with them at “Irvine Meadows”). Her generosity was so great and spanned much more than material things. Steph was always there … for everyone!!! She touched my life for the last 20 years (almost exactly to the day of her passing). We shared so many memories from all those Irvine High Volleyball days (Bacon, Chiang and I will always be the 3 Musketeers) … Writing forged notes for the “guys” in high school (if only our parents knew then) … Orange County Volleyball ups and downs, we tried to make the best out of it by having a cocktail at Mandarin Gourmet (her parent’s restaurant) before practice … Playing Colorado Volleyball in college and sneaking out of our hotel room to visit her dorm … She was there hours after my first son was born … She & I took a very special trip to Cabo for Jen’s wedding this last October (I was reluctant to leave my husband with the kids, but Steph said “come one lets go, I’ll sport the room” … sound like her?) … I will cherish those memories always!!! Hours after I found out Steph had leukemia, I also found out I was pregnant with our first little girl. That’s not a coincidence in my mind, the Lord knew I will always have a reminder of what a special person Stephanie was … Even after our visit to Houston in the hospital, Steph was so positive. We just laughed, shared stories and we looked through stacks of cards & emails from all those that loved her. She knew she was loved and I truly believe that is why she pushed so hard through this tough disease. She only grew closer to God every day & I feel so comforted to know during the hard times that she is watching over ALL of us!!! The world has lost a special person, but the heavens are a better place with her in it. Until we meet again my special friend … Love you, Shawna

  111. shawna… stephanie’s last message to me was about you. I have it saved even at her sickest she still never stopped thinking of others….. i attached it for everyone to see what she was thinking about 4 weeks before she passed to the day. Date: 7/25/2006 6:10:37 AM Central Daylight Time From: Reply To: To: You are so wonderful!!! I still have some pops left, and they are going to come in handy as I start my 2nd round of chemo in the next week or so. But if I wanted to send some to a friend in Arizona, can you do that for me? Maybe with some other fun Mommy to be stuff? My friend Shawna from high school came to visit and told me she was pregnant, I gave her a few of my quesy pops and she told me she loved them and that they totally worked for her. I want to send her some. Can you send them to her in an assortment of flavors, and then just call me for my credit card? Send To: Shawna Meek 3843 S. Skyline Drive Gilbert, AZ. 85297 If you could do that, that would be awesome! As for me, I am feeling really good, and doing well! I may get a chance to leave at the end of this week and go home for a few days. Then I would come back for chemo. Keep in touch and let me know when you get back! Have fun where ever you are…Are you in Vegas? Is Magic show this time of year? I am purely guessing…love ya! Talk to you soon! Steph

  112. Tara — If you read this, please email me at

  113. Stephanie was the cousin who was around us the most and we would always go to AJ’s whenever we hung around her. She was a very nice and loving cousin, friend, daughter, sibling, niece or who ever you call her. No matter if it was a friend to Stephanie or any body to her, you should know she is watching you every minute even right now when I am typing and she is in our hearts. 😦

  114. Terry Bessard said:

    I saw Stephanie during the summer following a Worship Celebration at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston. I was in a crowd of people exiting the building and I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw Stephanie. She was laughing and so full of joy — almost skipping. She promised to call and set up lunch with me, her and another woman who had met once to develop a woman’s conference. I truly looked forward to it. She was one of those rare individuals that you only had to meet once to know her loving personality and to be put on her friends’ list. Such an amazing person must have come from an amazing family. Stephanie left a mark in her brief stay with us and definitely lives on in our hearts.

  115. Dear Ann and Michael- Our heartfelt sympathy go out to you and your family upon Stephanie’s tragic passing. Though we were not lucky to have known her, the outpouring of love and personal thoughts about her is phenomenal! She must have been such a special person to so many people. Please take care of yourselves…. With love, Karen Kino and family

  116. April Jacob said:

    I only briefly met Stephanie through a mutual friend, but still was shocked to hear that such a young, vivacious person was taken so soon. I visited the site to pay my respects, but have now left…inspired. After reading the stories, thoughts, and accomplishments that were so lovingly portrayed here, I now leave with an increased desire to lead a more inspired life. I have always believed that you live on in the people you have impacted, loved and been loved by. I feel that Stephanie’s spirit is very much alive in the hearts of her loved ones and the positive energy she created and left behind. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones that are grieving her loss.

  117. Larry Wellikson said:

    We raised our boys living across the street from the Chiangs for many year. Stephanie was one of the older kids, but always a kid. We loved seeing her smile and energy. She was a life force for all of us on Balsa Street. It is always sad when someone dies young, but we will always remember for joy that Stephanie brought to everyone who knew her. She was very special and will live forever in our thoughts and the pictures in our minds. Stephanie, you will be missed Larry and Sharon Wellikson and Josh, Noah, and Brian

  118. I cannot believe I found this site… Stephanie and I just moved to Houston together … me from nyc to open chase’s closet. Stephanie was one of my first clients and we became instant friends since we both missed our friends and family so much .. we also just talked faster… lived faster… traveled more than the people we met here .. I saw Stephanie on the 4th of July…. we watched the fireworks from her room on tv with her mom…. and took a great walk and joked and talked…she was wearing her hard rock cafe tshirt and she was joking about her long hair falling out…. she came to visit me at the store when she was released but i was out of town…. She loved buying gifts for her friends …Jaden was her love she use to bring me photos and spoil her sooo much….Stephanie was sooo generous. …. we use to walkand gossip we talked about Kyle and her apartment and life so much…. she would always send me emails and then 3 weeks ago when we made a date to get pedicures when i got back her phone was full and I thought that’s not normal she never has that and even when she was sick in the hospital she answered her phone…since I do not know anyone else. I had no way to find her so I called the hospitals and they would not tell me anything and tried chiang in CAthere are a lot!!!! Today I found an email she sent me just recently that I had not seen that said please send a gift to my friend Shawna Meeks …. As I read it I felt like I have to get in touch with her this is crazy and I googled her name like I have been doing and this popped up as the first search result and I could not believe it.. just praying it was a different stephanie as the photo uploaded I just cried…. She was the strongest most wonderful person and like you wrote she did make friends everywhere! Chase’s Closet will miss her and love her always! We will be here for anything you may need…Stephanie and i last talked about when she fully recovered that we would be doing fundraisers now for yet another organization….she knew i did so many and i told her you know T-Boz and the girls from TLC and I would do anything to help and now unfortunately she is not here to help raise the money but we will always have her back…. With so much love always!!!! (ps sorry this is so long I am just rambling as I am shocked and saddened). all my love to her amazing family. love you always!!!!8-0

  119. Rose and Rod Jung said:

    Michael and Ann, Thank you for allowing us to be there to celebrate the life of Stephanie. It was a beautiful service. I will always treasure the memories I have assisting her with her travel plans….she loved talking about travel. Talking to her, one could see the world vicariously through her eyes. She was such a joy to talk to. I will miss her.

  120. Ashley Milhaud said:

    Stephanie…I miss you so much. I wish I could be with you right now so badly. I think about you all the time and want you to know that I love you.

  121. Eddie Longoria said:

    You will stay in my memory as you brought such joy to me.I know that you will be missed by many.God bless you my friend

  122. I will always remember Stephanie as one of my favorite sales reps. I will never forget the night all of went out to dinner in New Orleans sharing stories and experiences.

  123. Amy & Gary Ho said:

    Our deepest sympathy to you all. Memories of the good times will remain in your hearts.

  124. John Quebedeaux said:

    All: No words I write can describe the emotions I feel. Steph was a unique individual. While I know I did not have a close relationship with her, she always made me feel as if I was an important person in her life. I will miss that about her. One day when (or as some would debate, if) I make it to heaven, I look forward to reuniting with my friend, and getting to know her. Steph – look down and know that you were loved. Jq

  125. Ed and Nancy Yamauchi said:

    Dear Michael and Ann, Stephanie was an amazing person and it shows what a wonderful job you did in raising her and teaching her such great values. You did a great job and have so many wonderful memories to help you through the hard times. But remember, she would not like to see you unhappy. Enjoy your memories of her and live the rest of your lives the way she would want you to.

  126. Melissa Hodges said:

    Your beautiful smile will be missed by so many. Your family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  127. Marc Kochamba said:

    Stephanie, “You rock!” I would tell you and then you would respond “No you Rock!” We would say this to eachother at meetings or in Norwalk in encouragement to one another. You were so good at encouraging others. Well the truth of the matter is You are amazing and I absolutely loved working with you. It pains me to see you leave this earth so unexpectedly. My only solace is that now I have one more guardian angel up in heaven pushing the Autosuture* agenda. Now Heaven has absolutely no excuse. They have our best! I will miss you and I will pray that our Lord gives your family peace and remembers you as I do. An awesome individual who always did her best and always strived for excellence. We love you and we will miss you. I will carry on the torch. “You Rock Stephanie!”

  128. Jennifer Park said:

    Many years ago, when my own son Brandon was small, our family would visit Mandarin Gourmet and August Moon. Brandon always loved Michael’s “mooshu” so we were frequently at both. The times we came for dinner and found “the Chiang kids” there made the visit so much fun for us all. The children would hide under tables and play games, being sternly but smilingly reprimanded by Ann. Over the years our kids grew too big to play under the tables but memories last a lifetime. At Stephanie’s lovely service Brandon and I recalled how he used to complain that they all had to play HER games and not his, but he never wanted to go home. The mooshu was great, but the best part of the meal was the playtime, even if the play boss was a girl! I did not know Stephanie as a young woman, but it seems she stayed true to form and continued to call the shots with her followers happily following her lead. I cannot imagine the empty space in your heart at having your daughter’s and sister’s hugs and the sound of her voice taken away from you. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Jennifer

  129. Nauder & Melissa Khazan said:

    It is written ” We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” [2 Corinthians 5:8] Dear Chaing family and friends, we are HONORED to know you Michael and I ASSURE you that you WILL see your sweet Stephanie when you enter to our Lord & savior’s Kingdom.. Jesus is our hope and ASSURANCE and loves her more that you could ever imagine.. Stephanie is at Home now, Praising our Lord and we are SURE based on the great things we heard about her at the celebration gathering a couple of weeks ago, God is enjoying her joyful personality , love and fellowship. We TRULY wish we knew the Chaing family for years .. In our King’s grip.. Nauder and Melissa

  130. My heart and love goes out to the Chiang’s. Miss you stephie. I carry your pic ;). Love <3, Nicole

  131. Michael, Ann, Mark, Jennifer, and extended Kan families – We are deeply saddened by the death of Stephanie. We were blessed to have known her and watch her bloom into a truly amazing and accomplished young woman. We didn’t see her as much as an adult, so I still have memories of her as a little girl! Prior to her move to TX, Tim and I used to run into her at the local Starbucks and she was always cheery and full of enthusiasm. Although Chiang by name, she was a member of many families, including ours and we will miss her bright outlook. May your hearts mend and your memories stay strong. Tim and Eva

  132. Kimberly Le Deaux said:

    Dearest Chiang Family, I am deeply saddened that I am writing this email to you right now. I am truly sorry for your loss. I knew Stephanie when be both worked at Ingram. I always knew she was someone who went after what she wanted and would succeed. I am not telling you something that of course you don’t already know. Stephanie was amazing. When I think about Stephanie I can’t do anything but smile. She always had pep in her step, a smile on her face, and wonderful words that came out of her mouth. She was a ray of sunshine. I can’t think of anyone who was not fond of her, and if you ever did, there was something wrong with that person. You couldn’t help but want know who she was, and what did she have that made her so special. I know that there isn’t anything that I can say right now to make you feel better, but know this…Your Daughter, Your sister, Your Niece, Your Aunt, etc. was a wonderful person who light shined so brightly and whose life touched so many people. I truly thank God for knowing her. God Bless you and your family Stephanie. I know that you are at home with the LORD, and you will be one of the faces that I will be looking for when I get there.

  133. Dear Steph, I am missing you terribly. I was in Nordstroms the other night – and for some reason I remembered running into you two years in a row on Christmas Eve at South Coast Plaza. I keep getting flooded with different memories of you, which I love. I am thinking of you and your family every day and my heart aches at this tragedy. I love you! Cori

  134. To the Chiang Family I am so sorry for your loss. All of you are in our prayers as Stephanie will be missed. I wish you healing and comfort at this time. All of you have been and and continue to be very dear friends to the Suh family. Steve, Janet, and Eliot

  135. Christina Ling Micalizzi said:

    I still don’t know quite what to say. I am one of many who feel “robbed” of such an amazing person. I always looked up to Stephanie, she was so strong and outgoing, happy and lived life to it’s fullest. But it wasn’t until after visiting her Houston, while she was in the hospital, did I realise how couragous she was. She inspired me to a whole new level. Her strength in wanting to fight her illness was truly awesome and will forever be in my heart. I know that if anything difficult is to be thrown my way in my lifetime, I only have to think of Steph and try to emulate her strength and courage. She inspired me as a child, as a teen, as a young adult and now as a mature woman. I will never forget her, and I will always cherish the many memories we shared. My love goes out to the entire Chiang and Kan family. Christina Ling Micalizzi8-0

  136. Keri, Kev, Jordan & Jada said:

    Auntie Asio- We know that there is a bigger and better plan for you, but selfishly, we want you physically here with us. We miss you terribly!! You remain in our hearts and in our thoughts, each and every day!We can’t even begin to state the ways that you have blessed our family. We feel very fortunate to have had the time we shared with you- thank you for your presence… ALWAYS! We love you- kkjj xo

  137. Debbie Liggett Ybarra said:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie’s closest friends and family. I went to Irvine High with Steph but hadn’t seen her in almost 18 years – YIKES!! I will never forget that bright smile. Thank you for reminding me to cherish each and every day…. Debbie Liggett Ybarra (IHS 1988)

  138. Kyle Thomas said:

    My heart speaking to your spirit, your smile filled me with joy, because I saw it alot, love you. Kyle,sleep in heavenly peace, forever yours…Yes I know God had another plan for you, just hold my hand.

  139. Kyle Thomas said:

    Dear Stephanie, I am missing you so much and finding very hard to function at night, throughout the day I have been receiving phone calls from your friends letting me know how much you loved and adored our relationship. Well you taught me the real meaning of un-conditional love and my heart will be married to you in the spirit, I thank God for you way everyday.Rest in peace and know I am still in love with you

  140. Kevin Harlow said:

    Dear Chiang Family: My deepest sympathy for your loss. I first met Stephanie at Ingram Micro when I was a Sales Manager and she was in the new associate training class. She was definitely a “hard charger” and the top of her training class. When it came time for her to be considered for her first promotion Stephanie came to me and asked for some tips about her upcoming interview. She did a great job and was quickly promoted. A few days after getting into her new position she came by and wanted to chat. I thought she was going to thank me for the help and tell me how much she likes her knew position. As she sat down she had that contagious smile of hers that just makes you smile right back. She then stunned me by asking.. “Ok Kevin.. How do I get to the next level?” I thought to myself “she has been in her spot for just 2 days and already is looking to climb the ladder again. This woman is going to be gunning after my job soon.” So I smiled and went about telling her what she needed for the next step knowing her time at that level would be very short. As her career went on it became very apparent to me that Stephanie didn’t want my job at all. She wanted to be my boss or even my boss’s boss! As Stephanie went about promoting to new and challenging positions at Ingram Micro and eventually Tyco she would come to me for advice. At the end of every single conversation we had about her career I ended with the same sentence. “Don’t forget me when you are C.E.O and I need a job.” She would always smile tell me to be serious but she knew that I always was serious about that. Stephanie had the ability to do whatever she set her mind to doing. There was no doubt in my mind she would be a President or C.E.O one day and I would have loved to been able to watch her make that climb. Sincerely, Kevin Harlow

  141. The Rickman Family said:

    Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with your family. We had the opportunity to know Stephanie on a personal and professional level. Our respect and friendship was something that will be cherished always. There is comfort in knowing that she is watching over us. With deepest sympathies. God bless The Rickmans

  142. Dear Michael and Family, I bonded with Stephanie over a year and a half of communication via email or phone, as her tenant in Turtle Ridge. Stephanie was a girl who reminded me a lot of ME! And after reading some of the guest book, I am certain Stephanie and I would have been like ‘two peas in a pod.’ When Stephanie told me about her illness. I was shocked. Her strength and perseverance was contagious. I didn’t think things like this happened to women like that. I never thought of this disease to really effect people ‘like us.’ I got to know Stephanie quite well in her last months and I’ll tell you that I couldn’t wait to meet her in person-to ‘go shopping and have a blast’ as she once said we would. Have you ever met someone you have so much in common with that you have to refrain yourself from making her your BFF right away!? That was how I felt about Stephanie. Dear Stephanie: Unlike most of the people writing in, I never had the chance to meet you in person. I can tell you that at one point I even wanted to visit my friend in Houston, just to have a chance to see you at the hospital! My busy schedule kept me from doing so, and that I regret. Deep down, I was certain you would be home for the Holidays and that we would connect at that time. Your strength throughout your illness was admirable. At times we can be so vain and worry about things that are selfish- you taught me a lot throughout our brief friendship and for that I thank you. I had a chance to meet your father briefly one day in Irvine. After meeting him I knew the grace and kindness he displayed would run throughout his family. I was right! The world is a much better place with people like you, and though we never had that chance to get together, I am certain that day will come! My deepest sympathy and regards go out to the Chiang family, which I hope to someday meet in person. I would love to be involved in Stephanie’s cause in anyway that I can. Love, Rocio

  143. Mark Chiang said:

    Steph- I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace, sweet sister. Mom and Dad- I love you and am thinking about you. Love, Mark

  144. Jarod & Jill Ikeda said:

    Dear Steph, I can’t believe this has happened to you at such a young age. The only thing I can say, is that I will miss you, and although its unfair, you’ve had a good life, many friends that loved you and people that will always be thinking of you. As you sit on your cloud in heaven always remember this, you blessed the world with your presents, now go kick some butt up there and impress heaven!!! Lots of Love, Jill & Jarod Ikeda 09-05-068-0

  145. Stephanie Roberts said:

    Steph, I will remember you always! You are a very special person who touched a lot of people with your outgoing and wonderful personality. The last time I saw you was at Turks and Caicos and it was one of the best times I have had. May the Lord bless you and rest in peace. Stephanie Roberts

  146. Sylvio Augusto de Sa e Silva Ribeiro said:

    Stephanie was not born in Brazil, a far and beautiful place, where my best friend Michael lived and made history. I remember, a few years ago, Michael telling me, “friend to friend” feeling words, a wish he had: – Steph, Mark and Jennifer must have a “brazilian heart”. I assure Michael: your daughter Steph had a “brazilian heart” and I’m very proud of it. What a life ! What an human being! She was “creme de la creme” ! I assure Michael, Ann, Mark and Jennifer: the great legacy of Steph is the great example on the art of living. Now, as I always do, in portuguese: – Steph: obrigado por nos mostrar como enfrentar todas as adversidades e continuar feliz; obrigado por, mesmo que em algumas poucas palavras, ter a habilidade de nos mostrar que a vida vale a pena. Sua imagem e exemplo de vida ficarão sempre em nossos corações. Um beijo do seu tio, tia e primos.

  147. Gregory Brown said:

    Dear Chiang Family, For the past two years I’ve been a colleague of Steph’s at Tyco Healthcare. Steph was a wonderful woman gifted with so many beautiful qualities, charm, intelligence, passion, charisma to name a few. What I will cherish most about Steph was her amazing ability to always make situations and people “BETTER.” She was a tribute to your FAMILY and it was very obvious to all that she was raised by wonderful parents and a loving extended family. Steph’s spirit will live on, her style and grace will forever endure, her smile and voice etched in the time capsules of our minds. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time, may you be touched by God’s grace and mercy. God Bless you all, I will forever miss your special angel Stephanie.

  148. Tracy Cazares said:

    Dear Mark, My husband Mark and I worked with Steph at Ingram. But that is not important. What is important is the fact that Stephanie made me want to be a better person. She is the the kind of person I wish to emulate. She is classy, ballsy, sharp witted and kind to the nth degree. To me, there was always something behind her eyes that had a bite of satire but also a knowing look of before her time wisdom. She reminds me of Condoleeza Rice. Someone to look up to, someone to admire. Especially in these days and times. She surpassed herself. Too many people these days only think of this second and not down the long road. Stephanie, I believe is a true classic, but very modern heroine. She represents everything feminine but everything independent too. If I ever have the blessing of a daughter, I would want her to be just like Stephanie. I would only try to keep up! Best love and prayers to you and yours, Tracy Cazares 949-230-9137 mobile

  149. Kenny Nguyen said:

    Hello Mark, You dont know me personally, but I was good friends with your sister from 2001 – 2005 (during her tenure at Ingram and prior to her moving to Houston). I had printed the below email to hand to your family at the funeral, but it was just too crowded and busy, and I had to leave at 4pm to catch a flight. For a while Stephanie and I hung out quite a bit (lunches, dinners, snowboarding and Laker games), and she was a great friend. I even wrote her the 6-12 month business plan that she used at Tyco. Mark….Stephanie used to talk about you in great admiration. She always told me that you were the over-achiever and most successful one in her family. Steph mentioned how well you did in New York / investment banking, and even bragged about your girlfriend (apologize if you’re no longer with her). She really looked up to you. Please know that my family’s prayers are with you and your family, and Stephanie will be missed dearly. She was one of kind…such a wonderful person. Take care, p.s Please let your mother / father know that Stephanie found strength in their support (see below email). Kenny Nguyen Sr Director of Sales & Marketing Fujitsu Computer Products of America 408.746-7177 office —–Original Message—– From: Chiang, Stephanie To: Subject: RE: Long time…. Hi Kenny: I can not tell you how wonderful it is to get an email from you. I know you already have an ego the size of I don’t know what now that you are balling and all at Fujitsu. But you know I love you, and have mad respect for you! You know I have always looked up to you! Thank you for the kind words, and you must say hello to Alex for me. You are so right in that Leukemia is one thing, but I think that mentally you have to stay positive and focus on recovery in order to beat this thing. I am doing just that, and not getting down on myself, rather looking for ways to stay strong and beat the disease. It has truly helped that I have had family and friends constantly visiting. My Mom has been here with me since Day 1. She has only left my side twice, and both times for not more then 3 days. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter brings…I will remain on disability through November or December so that I can have a Bone Marrow Transplant, and we will see after that. I hope that all is well with you and Alex and the family. Stay in Touch! Steph Stephanie Chiang Regional Manager Tyco Healthcare / US Surgical / Auto Suture Mobile: 310-710-3427 Voice Mail: 800-262-4587 x 91005 —–Original Message—– From: [] Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:10 PM To: Chiang, Stephanie Subject: Long time…. Hey Steph, How have you been? I’m so sorry for not writing to you sooner. It was such a blow to hear what you’re going through, and I wanted to put some thought into what I would write to you, versus just sending a quick hello. Marc has been forwarding me your updates, and I know you are fighting through the issues to get back to 100%. So I wanted you to know that I was really proud of you and the way you are going about in getting yourself better. Just know that we (Alex and I) are praying for you to stay strong and focus. I wish I could be there to say some encouraging words, but I know you have family and friends right there beside you. Just remember Steph, its all about the “fight”, not just with this illness, but with life in general. That’s how its always been for me, and I know that that’s how it is with you. I know for a fact that you’re a tough girl, and you will prove to us all that this is just another roadblock for you to strive / become the person you want to be. Nothing in this world happens on accident, instead each experience only prepares you for the next. Please remember that you have made a lasting impression with everyone that you been around, and that is why guys like me are thinking of you and your health. In the meantime, do me a favor and keep sending us updates on your progress, and somehow let me know that you received this email. Take care always, your friend,, Kenny Nguyen p.s I will stay in touch. Please let me kow if you need anything from So Cal…fish tacos, sushi, etc…just kidding.

  150. Donna Brickner said:

    I first met Stephanie while she was interviewing with US Surgical and instantly could appreciate the fact that she was wonderful person. She was a strong and vivacious woman and I feel fortunate to have known her. My thoughts and prayers go to your entire family. God Bless, Donna Brickner

  151. Nicole Vranesh said:

    For those of you that did not have the opportunity to attend the celebration for Stephanie Chiang yesterday, I wanted to pass along a bit of first hand experience. The gathering was incredible in both attendance and heartfelt (and eerily insightful) commentary about Chianger’s many incredible talents. The room had many rows of seating, but it was literally “standing room only.” Staci Wolfe and I stood (with about five others) in a small alcove intended only for a piano player. I believe that even the foyer and adjacent hallways were overflowing with friends and family who were eager to find one bit more of Stephanie, if only in recollection, to include in their lives. I was particularly impressed by Stephanie’s siblings’ ability to bravely speak at such a time of loss within their family. Her sister, Jennifer spoke in front of so many in an open letter to Stephanie. And her brother, Mark, spoke amazingly articulately about Stephanie’s character and abilities. He spoke about Stephanie’s capacity to relate to everyone in her life as a best friend. I am sure there were about 300 of her best friends there yesterday. Clearly, this was no coincidence, mom and dad did fabulous, three times in a row. Other family members spoke, childhood friends spoke, both of her previous bosses spoke, and her manfriend Kyle spoke, telling us “Heaven would not be the same.” I was sure we all agreed. And otherwise, from my own perspective, the most incredible and overwhelming feeling was that of accuracy. People I had never met spoke of her as I know of her. There was no searching for things to say about Stephanie, and clearly, that gave people the opportunity, instead, to think of how to say it well…which they all did. I was also astounded by the ability of the speakers to incite the group to enjoy an honest laugh about Stephanie’s experiences or even her straight-forward attitudes that we all (as followers) lagged to accept. Stephanie will truly be missed, and with strength, celebrated.

  152. Tanya Milhaud said:

    Steph was such a beautiful person inside and out – and also one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. Every time I think of her, I can’t help but smile through the tears. Je t’aime beaucoup!

  153. Becky Krochmalny said:

    Steph, You have touched so many lives. We are all better for knowing you, and forever grateful for the time we shared. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Beck

  154. Frank Kelsey said:

    I knew Stephanie as one of my peers with Autosuture and got to know her fairly well over the course of the past two years. She always had a smile on her face and a very refreshing attitude. I know that her reps enjoyed working for her and felt that she made them more successful. She will be sorely missed and remembered by all of us at Autosuture. My condolences.

  155. Jason Cordoba said:

    Steph will be missed. Rest in Peace.

  156. Heidi Needleman said:

    Steph, You had a spirit unmatched. You brought joy and sunshine to all of those who knew and loved you. You will be missed. I love you my friend. Nordstrom’s cafe will never be the same for me. Love, Heidi

  157. Phyllis and Jerry Needleman said:

    Our deepest sympathy to all of (Parents of heidi)

  158. Michele Ambrosini said:

    To The Chiang Family, I had the honor of working with your daughter at Tyco Healthcare. Please know that your family is in my thougths and prayers. Stephanie was a wonderful person and I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that you now have an amazing angel looking down on you all. Stay strong and God Bless you all. Sincerly, Michele Ambrosini

  159. Auntie Rita said:

    Stephanie, you loved us as if we deserved it. You embraced us as if we were the only ones that mattered. Life is so wrong that you are not here. Yet, with immense kindness, Stephanie, you have given us wings to soar above lifes wrong.

  160. Uncle Jordan said:

    Stephanie, you were taken far too early. Your sense of life will be an inspiration to me for the rest of my life. Ill always think of you with love and joy.

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