Memorial Fund

Dear friends and family of Stephanie Chiang,

Many of you have asked what the family would like to do in terms of the donations. We are so grateful for this outpouring of interest in the legacy of Stephanie.

Knowing Stephanie as we all do, we feel that because Stephanie was the kind of unique individual with such tremendous character, presence and love for those around her, a Memorial Fund really would be the right way to remember her year after year, with the special opportunity here to grow and expand the reach of the fund as we — all of her family, friends and loved ones today — share our memories of Stephanie and the energy she imparted upon us with our future friends and loved ones.

The mission of the Stephanie Chiang Memorial Fund would be to serve others in various communities that Stephanie loved; the proceeds raised from donors would be given to individuals and organizations with the same passion for life, of which Stephanie possessed so much. For instance, the funds could be used to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphona Society; or provided to a local medical institution in California, Texas, Colorado or elsewhere; or donated to other worthy causes such as providing sporting equipment for youths. Indeed, we would seek to form a core committee of a few of you to help us in planning ideas for the fund, and commensurate with that, setting the annual fund-raising targets and guiding the practices of how the Memorial Fund would seek donations.

Initially, the mission of the Stephanie Chiang Memorial Fund would be led and executed primarily by her parents, Michael and Ann, and her brother, Mark, and sister, Jennifer, at the outset. Over time (and probably sooner than later), they perhaps would need your help — whether that is writing or editing a periodic newsletter, setting up mail-serve lists, stuffing envelops, or making follow-up calls to donor prospects.

To start the fund-raising process for the Stephanie Chiang Memorial Fund, an account has been opened at:

California Bank and Trust
Attention: Danver Lee or Sheri Walling
Irvine Center Office
1900 Main Street, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92614-7200

Payable to: Stephanie Chiang Memorial Fund
Routing number: 122003396
Account number: 3090298281

Again, we thank you for everything that everyone has done to be so supportive and helpful to us.

Best regards,

The family of Stephanie Chiang

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