Welcome to the Stephanie Chiang Memorial Website

Stephanie Chiang, who, as a Regional Manager for Tyco Healthcare helped to better the care of others, and who, as the loving daughter of her parents, touched the lives of people everywhere, lived intensely and passionately.

Born in Los Angeles to a family who loved and adored her, Stephanie grew up in Irvine among a throng of diverse friends and in an environment that suited her charismatic personality, love of sports, and endless shopping possibilities. It has been said that her 16th birthday party with 150+ little guests was better and grander than the prom that year.

Stephanie excelled in volleyball at Irvine High School, helping them to back-to-back CIF championships and eventually walking on to the University of Colorado volleyball team where she received the Big-8 Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 1991.

Stephanie loved sports and played soccer as a little girl, learned to ski and left bump marks in trees at a young age, played tennis for a while before embracing volleyball. After college, she took up golf and followed The Lakers’ ups and downs. But most of all, Stephanie loved the sun and the beaches.

After graduation and a move back to Orange County, Stephanie worked for Ingram Micro, where she, as an Account Executive, was the 1999 Rookie of the Year. Later, she was named to the President’s Club for several consecutive years. Her leadership and intensity of interest in her clients resulted in numerous promotions within Ingram Micro.

In 2004, a management career opportunity with Tyco Healthcare was offered to Stephanie, and she moved to Houston. With her team, her mentors, and her clients at Tyco, Stephanie was the primary lead in major client relationships and drove the negotiations and structuring of several core transactions for Tyco’s Texas region franchise. Her tremendous business talents were manifest to her colleagues and counter-parties, and she was excellently positioned for her future with Tyco – most recently codified in a putative coverage assignment for Tyco’s Beijing, China practice – and in the broader business arena in general.

Stephanie developed lasting friendships everywhere she went, which has defined her as a person:

One Who Loved Her Friends Above All, And Kept Them With Grace and Faith.